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Brief description
PhD student
Many median filters are developed for images affected by color impulse noise. Since particular problems appear for color images affected by color impulse noise (as color altering or imperfect noise elimination), many color median filtering methods are still developed. Among these, fuzzy median filters are reported to be highly efficient. A particular approach aims to preserve fine details by noise detection followed by filtering. The color noise detection algorithms vary as principle and performance. The improvement of noise detection and the filter algorithms will make the object of my future work.
Another interest of my research is image restoration by detecting the defect and then restoring the image. The restoration is made by using filtering algorithms for the small defects and inpainting algorithms for the large defects. In my future research I will continue to study the image restoration and propose new algorithms
Image processing, color image filtering, fuzzy filters, color noise removal, image restoration, inpainting
PhD student
• Interaction system used for refining 3D volumes obtained after segmentation of a desired body part with automatic or semiautomatic algorithms.
• Camera system calibration ( 2 web cams)
• Calibration pattern semi-automatic detection
• 2D detection of the movement (optical flow, object tracking etc)
• Interaction with a 3D volume by using the input trajectory from the user.
• Defining several tools for the interaction and define the consequent behavior of the 3D object.
• Apply the proper transformations to the object according with the 3D input from the user and the selected interaction tool (rotation, translation, deformation tool, cutting tool, deleting tool, etc).
• Understand the stereo display technology and integration with proposed interaction tools.
Forecast results:
• Providing an efficient solution for radiologists with whom they can manipulate a volume directly in 3D instead of existing solutions that work only in 2D or are very difficult to integrate, have high costs and imply a lot of training.
medical image processing, medical image analysis, telemedicine, computer vision, HCI (human computer interaction)
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