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Multimedia Technologies and Telecommunications Research Centre
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The           MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGIES AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS RESEARCH CENTER is a scientific research unit patronized by the Technical University from Cluj-Napoca  - TUCN.
It is an autonomous and independent structure with a scientific, professional and educational mission that complies to both the Strategy and Regulations of TUCN regarding research structures, as well as to the legal foresights that concern research centers and initiatives in Higher education according to the Romanian and European agenda.

The mission of CTMTc is to provide the necessary framework for research and study in the field of multimedia technologies and telecommunications engineering as a core area of competence, competitiveness and sustainable development under the flagship of the Technical University from Cluj-Napoca. The main objective of CTMTc is to foster research and scientifical educational programs for the advancement of technology and development of young professionals in the field of multimedia technologies and telecommunications engineering.

Its vision is to foster a people’s environment where means and scientific expertise are combined creatively and expanded intra, inter and cross domains for delivering new, innovative technologies and applications for a society where IT&C are ubiquitous and knowledge is shared freely and seamlessly.

The following specific long term actions contribute to the scope of CTMTc:

  • To develop creativity, research abilities and practical skills amongst students and young people (bachelor, masters or phD)
    • To promote and implement in the market the results of the research activity
    • To cultivate and encourage collaboration with other research facilities and centers worldwide through partnerships, affiliations and networks of excellence
    • To identify opportunities in the surrounding environment (locally, regionally, internationally) that will mostly benefit from research and innovation in the filed of communication technology and multimedia
    • To encourage researchers to develop both scientific and management skills in order to implement complex projects, under various funding schemes
    • To implement new trainings and study programs according to the innovation in the field and the latest research outcomes
    • To offer consultancy in the field of communication  and multimedia application to companies, public institutions, and others
CTMTc values spiral


The research activity
in CTMTc is the result of several converging areas, complementing each other in a pluridisciplinarity approach, to achieve full expertise in multimedia technologies and telecommunications engineering:

  • advanced computer systems for e-services, e-applications and the social web ( educational platforms, medical applications, management and remote surveillance applications);
  •  communications technologies: QoS systems and infrastructures for the future of Internet, virtual  multipath routing management, network security
  • information and signal processing systems (data, voice, audio, video, images, multimedia): advanced methods and techniques for image analysis and processing (artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic); speech analysis, processing, modeling and synthesis (automatic speech recognition, wavelet analysis and filtering), adaptive / intelligent algorithms and systems, advanced automated systems (multimodal interfaces, facial authentication and emotional visual recognition systems, natural language modeling) compressed image analysis and processing, audio signal coding (ADPCM, MBE, LPC10, CELP, MIDI), 3D processing / visualization systems;
  • audio-video engineering systems, digital TP, IP TV, VoIP, communications systems standards: online TV solution deployment;





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